Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mood Rings and Jinnie Wishmaker

Elizabeth's mood rings are purple--she's HAPPY!
Ever since I started writing Jinnie, I've been collecting mood rings. I loved mood rings when I was a kid, so when I first decided what objects would be made magical in the book, this was a clear choice!

If you've read Jinnie, you'll know exactly which one of these rings is the one I used in the book!

Mood rings work when the metal in the ring takes the heat from your fingers to change the color crystals.

Here is how to read a mood ring:

Black: Angry or stressed
Red: Excited
Blue: Calm, peaceful
Purple: Happy, creative
Green: Normal, at ease
Gray: Anxious
Amber: Mixed Up, strange, unsettled

What happens if all the color goes away and the ring goes clear? That's what happens to Jinnie, and only the Troubled Tweens know!

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