The Books!

The series will be released by Spellbound River Press starting spring 2016!

Jinnie Wishmarker is the first of  the Magic Mayhem series about a group of kids with magical powers that don't always work the way they're supposed to. Jinnie debuted in November 2011 and became a Hot New Release on Barnes and Noble's Nook, as well as a top-ten download at Books on Board.

After all those ebooks were sold, school librarians asked if they could put it on their shelves. So Casey Shay Press picked up the title and created a hardback school library edition in April 2012. Jinnie is also available in paperback.

Download the Language Arts Common Core teaching materials PDF.

Marcus Mender is the second book !

Marcus Mender can fix anything just by holding it. But now, he can’t stop! Like King Midas and the golden touch, everything becomes new and perfect in Marcus’s hands.

Before he can control his new power, the Troubled Tweens are sent to South America on a magical mission: to recover a rare magnetized lodestone before the Loki, the magic thieves, use it for their own selfish purpose.

But the lodestone's magnetic field causes a reversal between positive and negative, turning the Loki into heroes and the Troubled Tweens into villains out to steal more power. Only Marcus's ability to fix the lodestone can save them, but with the switch of good and evil, Marcus will have to struggle to make the right choice.

Elektra Chaos is the third!

Loki member Elektra, who has become one of the good guys after the magnetic fields create a switch between good and evil, has to work her power to get the world reverted back to the proper sides of right and wrong.

Because it was going to be so long between Jinnie Wishmaker and Marcus Mender, DD also wrote a longish short story called Mr. Kent's Wall of Wonders. You met Mr. Kent, the school counselor for the Troubled Tweens, in Jinnie's book. But in the short story, you learn more about the enchanted objects he filled with magic when he was a kid, including the hula hoop time machine, the jump rope of invisibility, and the lip gloss that sealed his sister's lips shut so she couldn't tattle on him!

It's a free download pretty much everywhere!

D.D. was also part of an anthology of short stories for 9-12 year olds that is free to download most places. Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens.

D.D. Roy wrote a storybook for an iPad/iPod app called Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents. The story is about a child who discovers the dust bunnies under his bed need human help. The digital book can be personalized to have any child be the hero of the adventure.