Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's almost release day!

I got word today from the publisher that the e-book version of Jinnie Wishmaker will be part of a promotion that will be sent out -- this week! So sudden! Wow!

Here's the summary of the book, the first in a series for the Troubled Tweens, geared toward middle graders nine to twelve years old.

Eleven-year-old Jinnie has a dilemma--she can grant wishes, but she can't control the results.

Her friend Marcus asks for ice cream, but now eating it makes him sick. The school bully wishes Jinnie and her friends would disappear, but when Jinnie grants it, the girl is blinded by the sun!

The school counselor tells Jinnie to join the Troubled Tweens, a group of kids with similar power problems. Maddy’s touch makes anyone explode in anger. Grace can make people like her--as long as they don’t let go of her arm.

But their loose use of magic attracts the attention of the Loki, a group of magic thieves and pranksters. They want to steal an open-ended wish from Jinnie, and it will take all the limited and messed-up magic she and her friends possess to make sure their powers don’t fall into the Loki’s greedy hands.

I hope you'll go on this journey with Jinnie! I'll post links when the e-book is for sale. It may take a while to get to all the retailers.

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