Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cover photo shoot for next TT books coming!

I'm so excited that we're about to shoot the covers for Marcus Mender, the second book in the Troubled Tween trilogy, and Elektra Chaos, the third book. We'll also be doing a special cover featuring Jinnie, Marcus, and Elektra together for some exciting things that will happen once all three books are done.

Savvy readers may be thinking--hey! I thought the Troubled Tween Twins would be the third book!

Yes, the series has changed. After outlining the TTT book, I realized the themes in it had moved into young adult. So the middle grade trilogy will be Jinnie, Marcus, and Elektra.

And if Elektra Chaos sounds more Loki than Troubled Tween, you are right! Some crazy stuff happens in Marcus Mender, including a reversal of magnetic polarity on the earth that causes the good guys to go bad and the bad guys to turn good!

Yup, you're going to be cheering for Bruscilla.

I'll be talking more about Marcus Mender as we lead up to his release day on Nov. 12. Hopefully we'll have images to share soon! I've seen pictures of the boy who will portray Marcus--and he's perfect!

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